Christopher Jones

Call me a T-skilled communicator, a full stack marketer, or a digital unicorn. You can even call me a nerd. Just don’t call me lazy.


Give me a message, an audience and a goal and I will dive in and figure out the right communications channels to engage, measure success and ruthlessly seek opportunities for improvement. I’m an omni-channel marketer that has executed communications and marketing strategy in higher education, public-policy research, the performing arts and more.

But enough of those buzzwords. I’ve worked in the full marketing stack. Get a load of THESE buzzwords:

Media Relations

Leveraging external communications channels through media engagement is just as important and planning an effective paid-media spend. I’ve pitched and secured placement in the New York Times, WBEZ/NPR, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Tonight, Chicago Reader and more. Even when media coverage skews negative I can draft a strategy that will turn the conversation into something positive.

Project Management

I’ve worked with a bevvy of external vendors and I’d like to think I’m a pretty good client. I thrive on project management processes and I’ve logged enough hours into Basecamp and shared Google Docs to personally take credit for any rise in their stock prices. Recently I managed the complete, ground-up, bespoke redesign of a college’s website. I managed a team of content editors, worked with a team of internal web developers and an external agency to launch an award-winning site on time and under budget. It was a huge project that took almost two years, but I’m just getting started.


I love to write too! I’ve written about new media and communications trends, politics. I've also created content for higher education, and public policy research organizations. I’m experienced with SEO optimization and have written web copy for legal and business industries. I’ve also executed my fair share of social media and email campaigns along the way and I know how to put together a website or two.


Qualifications. I got ‘em:

2011 DePaul University, M.A. New Media Studies
Graduated with distinction

2007 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.A. Advertising

Google Adwords Certified, Search Advertising
Google Analytics Certified
HubSpot Academy, Inbound Certified

And my *less* formal street-cred:

The Second City, Comedy Sketch Writing
University of Chicago Graham School, Creative Writing


You seem like a big nerd. Are you boring?

Well, my wife doesn’t think so and she’s pretty interesting.

I’ve visited 10 countries, jumped out of a plane, finished the Chicago Marathon and Triathlon, founded a theatre company and have dedicated countless hours to finding the best tacos in the United States.

If you want to work together on a project or just talk grab a coffee and talk about outer space or baseball, connect with me below.

Thanks for stopping by!